Higher Education Budget

Presidents and other administrators from Illinois' public colleges and universities took part in a news conference Wednesday regarding funding for higher education.

Governor J-B Pritzker proposed a 5 percent budget increase for public universities and community colleges. But, State Representative LaShawn Ford says the appropriations committee is having a hard time finding the revenue to fund the governor's proposal.

Officials with Southern Illinois University Carbondale requested funding for capital infrastructure needs Monday in Springfield.

In a hearing with the Senate Subcommittee on Capital & Transportation Joint Committee, SIU-C interim chancellor John Dunn said there are many needs in Carbondale.

University of Illinois officials are planning to seek a 16.5 percent funding boost from the state toward making up money it lost from the state's long budget standoff.

Leaders at SIU-Carbondale announced some of their plans in an effort to make 19 million dollars in permanent cuts because of the ongoing budget impasse.

The plan includes a reduction in the workforce.

Northern Illinois University officials say there will be 150 staff position reductions as the school tries to cut expenses.

News that the Illinois Senate may take up a package of budget bills this week in Springfield has many wondering whether this could be the end of the state's budget stalemate.

The University of Illinois is planning to try again for full state funding in fiscal 2018, which it hasn't seen since 2015.

Governor Bruce Rauner has long held that state universities need to cut down on their administrative overhead, before he can support increases in their state funding.

State universities and community colleges would get a boost under a measure approved Thursday by the Illinois Senate.

Following the signing this week of an emergency funding bill for higher education in Illinois, money for the Monetary Award Program, or MAP grants, has been released. But while students attending colleges on the semester system will receive about half the money they were expecting, those on the quarter system will get just one-third.

Governor Bruce Rauner's appearance at the University of Illinois Urbana campus Thursday was cut short by demonstrators who heckled him about the state budget impasse.

Members of the Illinois House spent Thursday evening congratulating themselves thinking they were minutes from passing a bipartisan measure sending 600 million dollars in emergency funding to the state community colleges and public universities. But... the vote never happened.

A group calling itself the May 2 Strike Committee is calling on all SIU-Carbondale students to strike on that first Monday in May.

A group of students and faculty from SIU-Carbondale and John A. Logan College is headed to Springfield Wednesday for a higher education rally.

They will join faculty and students from all over the state to protest the lack of a state budget.

The Illinois Senate Wednesday moved swiftly to approve a spending plan the House passed just Tuesday.

It authorizes spending nearly 4 billion dollars on higher education and social services -- two areas that have been caught without funding during a prolonged political fight.

University of Illinois administrators are warning legislators that leading faculty are already looking for positions elsewhere amid a 9-month state budget impasse.

A measure sponsored by State Senator Gary Forby is designed to put more money into the SIU system.

The Benton democrat's bill would allow the SIU Board of Trustees to sell, lease or transfer and convey surplus real estate and retain the proceeds to be used for a scholarship fund.

Parkland College's president says it will lay off about nine employees after Tuesday because of the state budget deadlock.

Higher Education and money

During a visit to the Eastern Illinois University campus Tuesday...State Representative Reggie Phillips of Charleston advocated for legislation that would provide emergency funding to state universities and community colleges for the current fiscal year.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has followed through on his pledge to reject funding for MAP grants --- which help low-income students pay college tuition. 

The Illinois board of higher education submitted a budget proposal that demonstrated the economic impact community colleges and universities have upon other businesses in the state.

Governor Bruce Rauner is scheduled to deliver his budget message to the Illinois General Assembly this Wednesday.

In advance of that, interest groups are lining up to plead their case for state funding. Monday, representatives of the state’s colleges and universities made their case.

A higher-education accrediting agency says the state budget impasse could have ``significant'' consequences for the public colleges and universities in Illinois.

Staff Cuts Authorized for WIU

Jan 26, 2016

Big changes are ahead for Western Illinois University. Tri States Public Radio News Director, Rich Egger has the story...

Illinois colleges and universities have gone seven months with zero state funding – that includes funding of MAP grants that help poor students pay tuition.  Wednesday, some business and labor leaders joined students calling for lawmakers to resolve the budget stalemate.

An African-American legislator says the state budget impasse should not force the closure of colleges and universities that serve black students.

Representative Andre Thapedi - a Chicago Democrat -- is proposing legislation that would help schools where at least three-fourths of the students are minorities.

The Illinois Senate briefly opened its spring legislative session Wednesday.

Senator Dave Luechtefeld says they dealt with a couple of resolutions and clean-up bills, then Senate President John Cullerton called off Thursday's session and sent everyone home. The House won't meet until January 27th.

The state of Illinois has cut funding to higher education each year for more than a decade.  Those cuts combined with declining enrollment will cause some people to lose their jobs at Western Illinois University.

Southern Illinois University Trustees have approved plans to hire an interim Chancellor for the Edwardsville and Carbondale campuses, and face another vacancy in addition to those.

Edwardsville's interim leader will serve a one-year term. Carbondale's will be appointed for two years. President Randy Dunn says that's a strategic choice.