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Union County

Union County Ambulance is one of 21 agencies in Illinois to be recognized for their outstanding work in the area of cardiac care.

The Jonesboro-based service has received the American Heart Association's Lifeline EMS Bronze Award for implementing measures to better treat patients who experience severe heart attacks.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale unveiled its new four-story, 56-million dollar modernization and expansion Thursday.

The two-year long project includes three new operating rooms, including hybrid and robotics O-R facilities, the first modernization of the Intensive Care Unit in over 30 years and more private pre-op and post-op areas.

Thanks to an $80,000 grant from the SIU School of Medicine Rural Health Initiative and a #100,000 donation from The Poshard Foundation for Abused Children, 180 abused children in southern Illinois are receiving a new treatment called Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

The Diabetes Today Resource Team of Jackson, Franklin and Williamson counties, Southern Illinois Healthcare and the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois are offering free kidney and health screenings on Monday June 27th, 2016 at Cornerstone Church in marion.  To learn more call Lisa Nation at Southern Illinois Healthcare 457-5200.  Or visit:

Morthland College Health Services

Franklin County may soon get a new hospital, if a local doctor’s plans move forward.

The Illinois Supreme Court will hear the appeal of a case involving not-for-profit hospitals and their tax-exempt status.

In southern Illinois most of the landscape is perfect for farming.

In the summer, a lot of the roads look like hallways with corn for walls.

But even surrounded by all of this fresh healthy food, some towns that are surrounded by these fields don’t have access to those fresh foods.

A series of water quality tests in Galesburg last fall revealed that some residents are being exposed to high amounts of lead.  Now a new round of testing at the same 30 homes showed some improvement. 

Community Health Needs Highlighted At Local Event

Apr 28, 2016
Southern Illinois HealthCare
Benjy Jeffords / WSIU

SIH was joined by multiple health organizations Thursday to reveal the findings in their Community Health Needs Assessment.

The goal of the assessment is to determine the most significant health issues in the area and how to improve them.

As summer comes to the Midwest, it brings mosquitoes with it. This year, it also brings fears of the Zika virus, which has been linked to serious birth defects in South America. 

Gov. Bruce Rauner has created a task force charged with finding fraud in taxpayer-funded health care programs.

The Republican Tuesday used his executive authority to form the group. It'll seek ways to prevent waste in state- and federally funded Medicaid , the state employee's health insurance and even costs of caring for inmates in Illinois prisons. Rauner says the cost of state-run health care programs increases when no one watches to stop abuse and fraud.

What's more harmful to patients being treated for drug or alcohol use: Risking their health by keeping other medical providers in the dark about the care, or risking the patients' jobs, homes and child custody arrangements by allowing potentially damaging details to be shared widely among providers?

picture of school child washing hands

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that kids miss 22-million school days each year due to colds. If you are a parent or grandparent of school aged kids, you know we are in the middle of cough and cold season. Dr. Laurence Flint is a pediatrician and helped author a recent survey by the National Association of School Nurses that examines how parents approach their child's illness.   WSIU's Jeff Williams talked with Flint about the survey and what parents need to know about keeping thier children healthy during cold season.

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says some 28% of adults in the United States drink enough to put them at risk of dependency or other alcohol related abuses.  A new book takes an alternative approach to recovery from alcohol addiction that is different from the traditional 12-step process.   The authors are Jack Canfield who created the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and recovery expert Dave Andrews.    WSIU's Jeff Williams recently talked with Andrews for this edition of In The Author's Voice.

Sen. Dick Durbin announces more money for medical research

Jan 11, 2016

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin visited Southern Illinois University’s School of Medicine Friday to announce an increase in federal funding for medical research for this year.

Depression very early in life can affect the way a child’s brain develops.

A new study by researchers at Washington University is the first to link early childhood depression to physical changes in the developing brain.


A judge has ordered Illinois to pay more than $13 million to cover the cost of health insurance for home health care workers.

The World Health Organization has deemed that processed meats — such as bacon, sausages and hot dogs — can cause cancer.

In addition, the WHO says red meats including beef, pork, veal and lamb are "probably carcinogenic" to people.

Many Illinois nurses are nearing retirement. Baby Boomers in the state are also aging and may need more care. Will there be enough nurses to meet the demand?

Local health departments are responsible for everything from restaurant inspections, regulating private sewage systems and water wells and investigating disease outbreaks -- all services that are threatened, as they await for state money to come through.

Colon Cancer Trends
American Association of Cancer Researchers

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with the American Cancer Society's Caleb Nehring about new efforts to screen and treat colon cancer in southern Illinois.

A new, larger satellite clinic run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is opening in Effingham.

State-employee labor unions have filed a lawsuit to force Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration to pay medical claims for 146,000 state workers and retirees under self-insurance programs.

GMOs -- genetically modified organisms -- are not exactly a controversial subject at the Ag Innovation Showcase.

The three-day annual event is the place where the agriculture industry comes together to talk about new trends and startups to present to potential investors.

Eat Local Challenge Highlights Local Food

Sep 3, 2015
Greg Petrovich/WSIU

Food Works is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable, local food systems.  On Wednesday September 2nd, the Executive Director of Food Works, Kathleen Logan Smith announced the "Eat Local Challenge", an initiative involving the Neighborhood Coop Grocery in Carbondale, several farmer's markets, and participating restaurants.  The "Eat Local Challenge" runs from September 5th through September 19th and encourages southern Illinoisans to consume food grown and raised locally.

State of Illinois Not in Contempt on State Payments

Sep 1, 2015
John Gregory, Illinois Radio Network

Illinois won't be held in contempt for failing to pay for services for the developmentally disabled on time. U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman dismissed the contempt motion, ruling the state is making an effort to catch up on payments, though she found it "disturbing" that it took an emergency motion to get the state to comply with her original order to pay providers on a similar schedule to the last fiscal year. What wasn't settled is whether the state could have made those payments on time.

Legionella Bacteria
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Illinois Department of Public Health is reporting a fourth death from Legionnaires' disease after an outbreak at a western Illinois veterans' home.

Mumps Virus
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

An outbreak of mumps at the University of Illinois continues to grow with what officials now say are almost 100 cases.

Questions and fears about quality of care in nursing homes may be assuaged come January. A new law signed by the governor Friday will permit electronic monitoring.

Doctor Promise Ojukwu came to southern Illinois from Detroit, Michigan. The OB/GYN says serving the community is a big part of what drew him to Shawnee Women's Health.