FOID Card Renewal

State Police Extending FOID Card Renewals

Apr 9, 2020

Illinois State Police filed emergency rules this week to address renewals of Firearm Owner Identification and Concealed Carry Licenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A group of Republican lawmakers is criticizing the state for failing to process FOID card renewals in a timely manner.

A pair of gun-rights groups have sued the Illinois State Police for taking too long to process paperwork required to own and carry firearms.

Changes in rural addresses in Hardin County are causing issues when some residents apply for and renew FOID and Concealed Carry Licenses.

State Representative Patrick Windhorst says the fee is a concern.

State of Illinois

Gov. Bruce Rauner Friday signed four pieces of legislation related to public safety.

One encourages police officers to seek mental health treatment, without jeopardizing their career.

Illinois State Police are urging Firearm Owners Identification card holders to apply early as many come up for renewal.