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There are Illinois connections in Friday's indictments related to Russian hacking around the 2016 elections.

The indictment accuses Russian military intelligence of hacking the website of an unnamed state board of elections, identified only as “SBOE 1.”

Illinois coal mines lost 228 jobs in the last year, according to numbers from the federal agency that tracks mine safety. That’s fewer jobs than were shed in 2016, and production is up by around 11 percent in the state.

The trend is encouraging, said Phil Gonet, president of the Illinois Coal Association. He attributes the shift in part to President Donald Trump’s roll-back of the Clean Power Plan and other environmental regulations during his first year in office.

The State Board of Elections says hackers gained access to the information of 80,000 Illinois voters — including their social security numbers and driver’s licenses.

Elections officials say hackers had access to Illinois’ system for nearly three weeks before they were detected. They did get access to personal information, but officials say that’s about it.

Paul Simon Public Policy Institute

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with GWU Professor John Sides about his Morton-Kenney Lecture, "Donald Trump: How did he win, and what does it mean?" 

Three new Republicans will take the oath of office Wednesday, pledging to serve the state and, more specifically, southern Illinois.

Duckworth's Press Office

Vice President Joe Biden has sworn in Tammy Duckworth as Illinois' new U.S. senator at a ceremony in Washington.

While Hillary Clinton won the presidential race in the State of Illinois, a lot of voters chose "none of the above."  

As 2016 winds to a close, WSIU InFocus takes a look back at the people and stories that made headlines here.

Associated Press

With Monday's meeting of the Electoral College, Illinois was NOT among the states where there was a concern about so-called faithless electors.

Members of the Electoral College in Illinois are poised to officially cast their votes.

After winning election to the 58th District State Senate seat, Republican Paul Schimpf took time to talk with WSIU's Jennifer Fuller about his goals and priorities in the next session of the Illinois General Assembly.

New members of the General Assembly will be take office in January. We plan to catch up with them to see why they want the job and what they hope to accomplish.


Harrisburg Mayor Dale Fowler will soon serve southeastern Illinois as the State Senator for the 59th District. WSIU's Jennifer Fuller sat down with Fowler to talk about his goals and priorities ahead of inauguration day.

The presidential election highlighted a divide that is so deep, citizens in Illinois and across the country can’t even agree on the same set of facts.

Illinois lawmakers will meet in Springfield this week for the first time since the election, but things are already off to a rough start.

Gov. Bruce Rauner and his allies made a big public push last week about his wanting to meet with the General Assembly's for top leaders ... including Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Mind you, Rauner and his allies spent months making a much bigger public push -- in hundreds of campaign ads -- to paint Madigan as a greedy, corrupt insider.

Sunday evening, Madigan's spokesman issued a short statement.

The largest St. Louis-based anti-Donald Trump rally since his election to the presidency took place Sunday,  downtown. Hundreds of people marched from City Garden through  to the steps of the St. Louis Justice Center, 200 S. Tucker Blvd.,  across the street from City Hall. 

The march began with 22-year-old Basel Isa’s Facebook post to protest Trump's defeat of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Isa said he wasn’t previously politically active but felt compelled to become more involved after the election's result.

“I want this to show the world that we’re not okay with this, we’re going to exercise our rights, and we’re going to get active,” said Isa. “Stand up for people that aren’t brave enough. We love and that’s what’s most important.”


Officials at SIU-Carbondale say they are aware of a controversial social media post featuring two young people linked to the school.

The post features two white people, one female and one male, in black face in front of a rebel flag to celebrate Donald Trump's win in the presidential election.

Illinois legislators will only get a brief post-election respite from politics; a week from Wednesday they’ll be back in Springfield to begin the veto session.The current makeup of the General Assembly will remain in place for that, but come the new year -- when the Capitol welcomes a new set of lawmakers elected Tuesday night -- the balance of power will shift, slightly.

Election Day is like the Super Bowl of politics.

Terri Bryant Wins Second Term in Illinois House

Nov 9, 2016

Incumbent Terri Bryant won re-election for the 115th district and will be joined by a few others that beat incumbent Democrats.

Representative Terri Bryant won her second term in the Illinois house.

She beat challenger Marsha Griffin form Jonesboro in a close race.

A day after the historic election of 2016, WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Paul Simon Public Policy Insititute Analyst John Jackson about what the results mean, and what comes next in the political arena.

MIke Bost Wins Second Term in Congress

Nov 9, 2016
Mike Bost
Benjy Jeffords / WSIU

Incumbent Congressman Mike Bost won his reelection this evening against challenger CJ Baricevic.

After 2 years in Congress Mike Bost will be returning for two more and already has a plan.

Monica Tichenor / WSIU Public Broadcasting

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Interim Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Director Jak Tichenor about the ramifications of Election 2016 in Illinois.

ELECTION 2016: Local Coverage and Results

Nov 8, 2016
Jennifer Fuller / WSIU

It was a big night for Republicans in southern Illinois.


WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with retired Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Director David Yepsen about the long-lasting effects of Election 2016.

At many polling places across the state Tuesday, citizens will watch to make sure the process is handled in a legal way.

Voting and Ballot Information

Nov 4, 2016

November 8th is here!

Use this handy tool to find voting locations and to learn more about the local ballot.

WSIU will provide live coverage of tonight's election results. Tune in starting at 7:00pm to find out the results.

Many local races could help decide the balance of power in Illinois. You can find information and results of our local coverage here.

Voters in Jackson County will be asked next week whether they support a sales tax increase to help fund public schools.

Our two-part series looks at where Sen. Mark Kirk and U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth are on a few key issues, and why the politics of 2016 mean those policy positions may not have much effect on the outcome.

Illinois Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk has apologized for mocking his challenger Thursday night during a Springfield debate, and Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth accepted.

A relatively small crowd was there to hear it live, but thanks to social media, Kirk's gaffe was quickly heard (and criticized) round the nation.

In talking about the cost of war, Duckworth brought up that her family's military service goes back to the American Revolution.


WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with retiring Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Director David Yepsen.