Election 2014

No justice of the Illinois Supreme Court has lost a retention election since the up-or-down system was put in place 50 years ago. Last fall, Justice Lloyd Karmeier came close. He squeezed into another decade on the bench with just 2,921 votes to spare — less than eight-tenths of a percentage point above the required 60 percent threshold.

With the death of Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, it would seem that the next step is for the Governor to appoint a successor.

The head of the Illinois Republican Party says Tom Cross ran a "tough, hard-fought'' race against Democrat Mike Frerichs.

The race for Illinois treasurer could be decided by fewer than 400 votes and lead to the first recount request in three decades.

There are still thousands of votes yet to be counted in the race for Illinois State Treasurer.

When he was a candidate, Bruce Rauner promised that if elected, he would freeze property taxes. Now that he's won the race for governor, he's holding off on details about how.

It was a campaign promise that struck a chord.


Illinois Governor-elect Bruce Rauner is on a state-wide victory tour.

Illinois Public Broadcasting

Former SIU President Glenn Poshard will help Illinois Governor-elect Bruce Rauner's transition team.

With Bruce Rauner's win, Illinois Republicans have something to celebrate. But they failed to make gains in the General Assembly, which could have big repercussions for Rauner down the line.

Two years ago, Illinois Democrats gained historic super-majorities in both chambers of the legislature.

There were more than enough Democrats in the Senate, and just enough (71) Democratic members of the House, to override a governor's veto.

Then, the governor was also a Democrat -- Pat Quinn.

Next year, Illinois Democrats will once again hold veto-proof majorities.

Governor Pat Quinn is giving up on his bid for re-election. On Wednesday afternoon, he conceded to Republican Bruce Rauner.

  Most media outlets called the election on Tuesday night. Rauner was up by five percentage points, and declared victory.

Quinn, however, told supporters he wasn’t ready to concede. Some Chicagoans waited into the early morning hours to vote.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Analyst John Jackson about the results of Election 2014.

Voter Turnout Higher Than Normal

Nov 5, 2014

Despite a sparse number of contested races in southern Illinois, voters turned out in large numbers - especially for a mid-term election.

Voters cast ballots in dozens of local races and answered several questions on Tuesday's ballot.

Republican investor Bruce Rauner will be the next governor of Illinois — probably. He declared victory over incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn and is up by five percentage points, but the Democrat is refusing to concede.

Rauner made hundreds of millions of dollars as a private equity investor. Lately, though, he’s been investing in himself — spending $27 million of his vast fortune on a quest to become governor of Illinois.

Republican businessman Bruce Rauner has unseated Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, ending Democrats' 12-year grip on President Barack Obama's home state.

The matchup between the Winnetka venture capitalist and the Chicago Democrat was among the most competitive and costly nationwide. Rauner's win helps the GOP complete a near-sweep of Midwest governorships.

Quinn had pushed issues affecting everyday people. He also reminded voters how he navigated Illinois out of crisis after the two previous governors went to prison. He tried to paint Rauner as an out-of-touch multimillionaire.

Bost Wins 12th Congressional District

Nov 4, 2014
Jennifer Fuller, WSIU

Republican state Rep. Mike Bost has defeated first-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Bill Enyart in southern Illinois' 12th District.        

The district has been in Democratic hands for more than two decades but has grown increasingly conservative on social issues. It stretches from the eastern St. Louis suburbs to the Kentucky border.     Bost is from Murphysboro and has served in the Illinois House for 19 years. Enyart is a Belleville Democrat and former Illinois National Guard adjutant general.


The Associated Press has declared incumbent US Senator Dick Durbin the winner in his re-election bid.

Durbin faced republican State Senator Jim Oberweis in the election.  Democratic incumbents also won in Delaware, Michigan, and Rhode Island.

Republicans are halfway there in their fight to win control of the US Senate. Republican Mike Rounds won a Democratic-held Senate seat in South Dakota, the third of six the GOP needs for a Senate majority.

The onetime South Dakota governor won a four-way race to replace Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson, who is retiring.

Polls in Kentucky closed at 6:00 pm and US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been re-elected to his Senate seat. McConnell will now be waiting to learn whether he might be the majority leader in the new Congress. McConnell defeated Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes in an election that McConnell called a referendum on President Barack Obama.

Election Day 2014

Nov 4, 2014

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The Executive Director of the Illinois State Board of Elections is reporting a significant uptick in early voting totals this year in advance of the Nov. 4 election.

Illinois voters have until seven tonight, when the polls close, to help decide the state's future.

Let's begin with the top of the ballot, with two proposed constitutional amendments. One would create protections for voters against discrimination; the other would give crime victims more rights, like a guarantee they be notified when a perpetrator is released.

Third parties could attract just enough support to sway the outcome of two races in Illinois.

Democratic governor Pat Quinn is running neck-and-neck with Republican rival Bruce Rauner. Real Clear Politics considers the race a “toss up.”

Both of the major party candidates are pro-choice on the abortion issue, but the Libertarian candidate, Chad Grimm, is pro-life.

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Illinois' top democrat brought his re-election campaign through southern Illinois as part of an 11th hour get out the vote effort.

Jennifer Fuller/WSIU Radio

Candidates and their campaigns are making last-minute stops all around the state ahead of Tuesday's election.


The candidates in southern Illinois' 12th Congressional District met for the final time before Tuesday's election.

The debate took place Wednesday night at Lindenwood University in Belleville.   The candidates were asked what role the federal government should play in preventing bullying in schools. Republican Mike Bost says no one wants to see bullying occur, but he says it's a state and local issue.

Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw says she's not sure what Congress could do to stop bullying in schools.


The two major candidates for U.S. Senate touched on some new topics in their final joint appearance of the campaign.  Among them: Whether the NFL should keep its tax-exempt status. U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said there are rumblings in Congress about changing the league’s classification as a non-profit organization. “Both the NFL and the National Hockey League are tax-exempt,” Durbin said.  “The National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball are not.  Why?  No one can explain why there’s a difference.”

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Governor Pat Quinn's re-election campaign made a stop in southern Illinois Monday.

The candidates for governor not only disagree on last year’s pension reform law, they disagree on whether the state should have a backup plan ready in case it’s declared unconstitutional.

ABC 7, Chicago

The Candidates running for US Senate met Wednesday evening in Chicago for a debate.   Democrat Dick Durbin and Republican Jim Oberweis took part in their first debate sponsored by ABC-7 and the League of Women Voters.

Durbin says he wants to build a stronger middle class by providing tax incentives to companies that create good-paying jobs and ensuring families have access to affordable health care. He also says students should be able to refinance college loans to pay a lower interest rate.