About a mile away from Northern Illinois University’s campus in DeKalb, a nice 2-story house on the corner of Woodlawn Drive is vacant. The only sign of wear in sight is on a small metal sign in the freshly cut yard where the address is slowly rusting away. 

Built in 1955, this house has been home to the presidents of NIU. But, when Dr. Lisa Freeman was hired last year, she already had a home in DeKalb.

After years of declining enrollment, the latest numbers from Eastern Illinois University show that trend is reversing.

Eastern Illinois University in Charleston is planning to reduce the number of scholarships it offers student athletes.

EIU President David Glassman announced Friday it was in the best interest of the school's student athletes to cut the number of scholarships instead of eliminating any sports programs.

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Budget cuts at Eastern Illinois University now include furlough days for more than 200 administrative and professional employees. 

The Mattoon Journal-Gazette and the Charleston Times-Courier reports that EIU President David Glassman sent a letter to the university community on Wednesday detailing the furloughs. The furlough will impact 222 Administrative and Professional staffers.  Last month Glassman sent an email letting employees know that layoffs were possible in July.

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Eastern Illinois University in Charleston has a new leader.