East Cape Girardeau

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

The Illinois Department of Transportation says Route 3 south of Route 146 to Gale re-opened during the noon hour on Monday.

This comes after I-DOT re-opened Route 3 near McClure and Route 146 to East Cape Girardeau on Friday.
This stretch of highway had been closed for over a month due to high water.


The high water is slowly falling in northern Alexander County meaning residents in McClure and East Cape Girardeau are preparing for a major clean-up process.

Lesley Stoffel owns property in McClure and has been organizing a donation drive for residents in the flooded areas.

World Health Organization

The Southern Seven Health Department will be providing free tetanus shots to Alexander county flood victims and volunteers.

Unprecedented flooding continues in the northern part of Alexander County.

Lesley Stoffel grew up in McClure and is volunteering to help residents there and in East Cape Girardeau battle the high water. She says flood victims and others are stressed after weeks of lifting 40 to 60 pound sandbags to protect their homes and businesses from disaster.

Carpentersville Public Safety

Road closures due to high water in Alexander County have isolated residents in East Cape Girardeau and some of those living in McClure and Gale.

Lesley Stoffel manages Southern Roots Hair Company in Anna. She is helping organize a donation drive to gather everyday items flood victims need to survive.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Southern Seven Health Department tryied to help those sandbagging in Alexander County stay hydrated during this intense heat.

The organization held a water and sports drink donation drive in Anna Friday dubbed Flood the Bus. Donations collected on pickup trucks and Southern Seven's head start bus were taken to McClure.

The Mayor of East Cape Girardeau is issuing another voluntary evacuation order for all residents of the village.

Joe Aden says this latest order is due to IDOT closing Route 146 between East Cape and the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge to all local traffic.

Officials in Alexander County say water is rising about an inch per day near McClure and East Cape Girardeau.

Dale Schultz is with the Alexander County Emergency Management board of directors. He says as the water rises, even locals are not able to travel.


The water keeps rising in parts of Alexander County, so for the public's safety, a curfew is now in place.

Officials say residents should not be out past 10 p.m. in both McClure and East Cape Girardeau.

Division of Aeronautics

The flooding situation in East Cape Girardeau is worsening.

Due to water over the roadways, officials of the Village of East Cape Girardeau have issued a VOLUNTARY evacuation order. This is not MANDATORY.


Even though the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau is falling, water on the Illinois side continues to rise.

The Illinois Department of Transportation has closed Route 3 from McClure south and Highway 146 in East Cape Girardeau.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

An Emergency Operations Center is being set up at the Community Center in East Cape Girardeau.

The contact phone number is (618)-306-1375. Any requests for assistance involving the flooding in Alexander County can be directed to the EOC. The workers there will be working to provide resources to those affected by the flood.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

In Alexander County, a post on Facebook indicates the Mayor of East Cape Girardeau is issuing an evacuation for the East Cape trailer park ONLY.

Power to the trailer park will be shut off Tuesday morning for safety. There is no levee breach, this is for the trailer park only and is due to seep water.

Illinois State Police

A suspect has been arrested for a shooting incident earlier this month in Alexander County.

Illinois State Police say 29-year-old Merced Martinez was arrested by Cape Girardeau, MO police on Saturday in connection with the September 13th shooting of a man in East Cape Girardeau.