Biologists at the University of Missouri have found that a chemical commonly used in consumer plastics could affect how a body reacts to and regulates blood sugar.

Bisphenol A — or BPA — is a plastic additive found in bottles, the resin lining of food cans and thermal receipt paper. An experiment by Mizzou researchers exposed a small group of people to the chemical. After the exposure, the researchers measured subjects’ insulin levels, and found people exposed to the BPA had produced more insulin.

Nicole Smith-Holt’s son Alec was 23 when he started feeling sick. His muscles cramped. He was lethargic. He woke up multiple times every night to use the bathroom. After two weeks, Smith-Holt encouraged him to go to urgent care.

The Diabetes Today Resource Team of Jackson, Franklin and Williamson counties, Southern Illinois Healthcare and the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois are offering free kidney and health screenings on Monday June 27th, 2016 at Cornerstone Church in marion.  To learn more call Lisa Nation at Southern Illinois Healthcare 457-5200.  Or visit:  http://www.nkfi.org/kidney-mobile/calendar#.V20-EKLU03g

Soul Food Junkies

Jan 15, 2013

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews Angie Bailey of the Jackson County Health Department and Jo Sanders of Southern Illinois Healthcare about the upcoming screening of "Soul Food Junkies," as well as ongoing initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles across various populations in southern Illinois.