This story has been corrected to include an official response from DCFS.

A group of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services workers said the agency is failing to protect them from being exposed to the new coronavirus. The union representing those workers, meanwhile, is demanding more protections be put in place.

Betsy Goulet has worked to help and protect children since the late 80s. After a brief stint as a Child Protective Investigator for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, she went on to found such groups as the Sangamon County Child Advocacy Center and advise public leaders on at-risk youth and victims of childhood violence.

Governor JB Pritzker Announces Third DCFS Simulation Training Center
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Governor JB Pritzker joined SIU and child welfare leaders on the Carbondale campus Thursday to announce the state's third DCFS Simulation Training Center - this one will be located on the Carbondale campus.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has fired a transportation company after learning it shackled a young foster child for several hours.

Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services is delaying a planned health insurance switch for children in its care, but the public guardian of the state’s largest county says there’s still a lot of work to be done.

In late March, a child welfare worker visited the family home of 9-year-old Byron Casanova in Johnston City, Illinois. The social worker expressed concerns about the environment but Byron and his three siblings weren’t removed from the home. Four days later, Byron Casanova committed suicide.  

“The Intact worker was there the Tuesday before, noted some things in the house and said he was concerned about the current cleanliness of the house,” said Johnston City Police Chief William Stark.

Child welfare workers are calling on Illinois lawmakers to better fund private services.

An audit released Tuesday paints a damning picture of Illinois’ child-welfare agency.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has ordered an independent review of the state's child welfare agency and nominated a new director.

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The head of Illinois’ child welfare agency is defending the decision to leave a toddler in a Joliet Township house where she was later found dead.

George Sheldon answered questions about the incident Wednesday at a state Senate hearing in Springfield.

Advocates for children say Child Abuse Prevention Month should be an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the problem - so that they can help combat it.

The troubled state agency overseeing Illinois' child welfare has agreed to allow outside experts help monitor residential treatment centers and placement services.

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has selected a Florida Democrat to lead Illinois' troubled Department of Children and Family Services.

An audit has found that Illinois does a poor job monitoring and tracking children who run away from foster homes.

Illinois' child welfare agency says a spike in the number of children reported to have died of neglect might be the result of a change in reporting guidelines.

Child deaths in Illinois caused by abuse or neglect are expected to be up sharply when all cases from 2012 are closed.

DCFS Continues Sex Abuse Invstigations

Dec 28, 2012

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services says too many cases of child sex abuse go un-reported.

The agency says such cases are up six-percent in counties outside of Cook.

But over 80% of those reports come from professionals, like teachers and doctors.