Concealed Carry

State Police Extending FOID Card Renewals

Apr 9, 2020

Illinois State Police filed emergency rules this week to address renewals of Firearm Owner Identification and Concealed Carry Licenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Illinois lawmakers are considering whether to waive the concealed carry license fee for qualified veterans.

Changes in rural addresses in Hardin County are causing issues when some residents apply for and renew FOID and Concealed Carry Licenses.

State Representative Patrick Windhorst says the fee is a concern.

It’s been five years since Illinois enacted the concealed carry law, and gun owners who got their permits when they first became available will soon need to renew.

Congressman John Shimkus says people with a state permit to carry a concealed weapon should be allowed to carry their guns in other states.

Shimkus co-sponsored the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, or H-R 38. It says people authorized to carry a concealed weapon in their home state can do so in any other state --- even if that state’s concealed-carry law is stricter.

“because you received a lawful license in your state.”

Several guns bills have been proposed this legislative session in Illinois.

Some of the bills have gained some traction...where others have stalled.

Illinois State Police say more than 91,000 concealed-carry permits have been issued statewide since the state began allowing guns to be carried in public a year ago.

A Chicago state senator wants to mandate that firearm owners carry liability insurance.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller interviews Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel Kay, who is partnering with the Williamson County Sheriff's Department to offer a supplement to the state's concealed carry training.

Illinoisans can start applying for permits to carry concealed guns Thursday, and some police are already worried about the new law.

A new Illinois State Police website launched Thursday that lays out what gun-owners need to do if they want to carry a gun in public.

A federal judge is rejecting a legal bid by gun-rights advocates who wanted people to be able to immediately carry firearms in Illinois under the state's new concealed carry law.

IL State Rifle Association

Illinois lawmakers thought they were in the clear after meeting a federal court's deadline to pass a concealed carry law Tuesday, but the Illinois State Rifle Association says that's not good enough.

Texas Defensive Firearms Training

Illinois Law enforcement agencies want people to know that July 9th is the new deadline for the state to have a concealed carry law.

The Illinois attorney general's office says the federal appellate court has given the state an extra 30 days to lift its ban on concealed weapons.

The Illinois Senate Executive Committee voted down a so-called compromise concealed carry law passed by the House on a 6-8 vote Tuesday.  The Committee also approved its own version of the plan that would keep local gun ordinances intact.

Majority Democrats on the committee drove the 10-6 vote in favor of the bill by Sen. Kwame Raoul. Raoul said he doesn't know how many votes he has on the floor or when he'll call the bill.    The legislation doesn't include a provision that overrides all local ordinances on firearms -- such as Chicago's assault-weapons ban.        

The Illinois House Friday approved legislation that would let Illinoisans carry concealed firearms.It passed on a vote of 85 to 30 after more than two hours of debate. 

The measure is being touted as a compromise by its sponsor Harrisburg Democratic Brandon Phelps. Phelps says after years of debating this issue, it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to come to a middle ground on this issue. Phelps says every lawmaker has a different opinion when it comes to concealed-carry policy.

Illinois legislators have yet to reach an agreement on concealed carry, but some of them heard from the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims Monday. The parents are helping to push a ban on the future sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

An Illinois Senate committee approved legislation Thursday afternoon that would pave the way for concealed-carry of firearms in Illinois. But gun-rights advocates say it's too restrictive, and the measure faces an uphill climb.

An Illinois Senate proposal to allow the carrying of concealed weapons would let large cities add to the list of places considered off limits to guns.

The U.S. Supreme Court is giving Illinois' attorney general more time to decide whether to appeal a ruling that the state's ban on the public possession of firearms is unconstitutional.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan now has until June 24 to ask the high court to hear the case.   The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals found Illinois' prohibition on the carrying of concealed firearms unconstitutional in December. It ordered lawmakers to pass legislation to legalize concealed carry by June 9.   The 30-day extension granted by the court Friday does not affect that deadline.        

Governor Pat Quinn has reiterated his support for a concealed-carry law that gives local communities the option to impose their own restrictions.

The Illinois House has rejected a measure that would require $1 million in liability insurance for people carrying concealed weapons.

Illinois lawmakers are continuing to hold hearings into issues related to guns.

A federal appeals court won't reconsider an earlier ruling that Illinois' concealed carry ban is unconstitutional.

The House Judiciary Committee has begun a series of hearings this week on the issue of Concealed Carry and other gun legislation.