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During his visit to southern Illinois Tuesday to sign Molly's Law, Governor Bruce Rauner toured SIU's Transportation Education Center at the Southern Illinois Airport.


Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed legislation banning the sale of synthetic drugs known as ``bath salts'' in Illinois.

A state labor board has denied a request by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration to bypass an administrative judge and expedite ruling on whether negotiations have stalled with AFSCME.

Now, the union is taking preliminary steps in preparation for a possible strike.

  Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Director Lisa Bonnett retired Friday, according to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office.

Bonnett, who could not be reached for comment, was appointed director in 2013 and had worked 20 years at the agency, including as deputy director and chief financial officer. In a June 10 letter announcing her intention to depart Bonnett wrote that under Rauner's leadership that "they worked together to ensure that a healthy environment goes hand in hand with a healthy economy.”

Illinois lawmakers are planning to return to the State Capitol Thursday to continue working on a temporary budget deal.

Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky reports that's as big a sign as any of actual movement since the lawmakers were supposed to be in Springfield Wednesday only.

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner Tuesday ripped a Democratic plan to fund schools in the new fiscal year that begins Friday, repeating criticism that it amounts to a ``bailout'' of Chicago Public Schools.

Democrats argue their plan treats Chicago schools the same as every other Illinois district.

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Gov. Bruce Rauner says there's general agreement on a partial-year budget to keep Illinois state government going past Thursday's end of the fiscal year.

Legislators who've been privately working for the past month to craft a temporary budget have one drafted.  But that doesn't make it a done deal.

The strain of going nearly a year without a budget ... coupled with doubt a full deal can be reached in the near future ... have made a temporary budget the priority.

After a speech to school superintendents at the regional alternative school in Bloomington, Governor Bruce Rauner told one of them "hang on, it's going to get rocky." Rauner was referring to the lack of authorized school funding, something he used in the speech to blast House Speaker Mike Madigan. Rauner several times remarked he refused to bail out Chicago Schools

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The Illinois House was supposed to be back in Springfield Wednesday. Not anymore.


Bruce Rauner says his biggest disappointment as Illinois governor is Rahm Emanuel.

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Governor Rauner toured the state Wednesday to rip the democratic leadership for not approving a balanced budget before Tuesday night's deadline for the spring session.

A bill to reopen the Hardin County Work Camp is headed to the governor's desk.

The Illinois Senate Monday joined the House in passing the measure that would require the Illinois Department of Corrections to operate the facility.

The number of social service groups suing Illinois is growing. 

Eighteen agencies are joining a lawsuit against the state to get paid -- since they haven't received 130 million dollars due to the budget impasse. One of the latest groups to sue is notable ... because of who's in charge.

The Illinois House Wednesday  failed to override Governor Bruce Rauner's veto of a measure that would have required binding arbitration in union contract disputes.

It's a repeat of what happened with a nearly identical measure Rauner also vetoed last year.

It's been a year since the state Supreme Court found Illinois' big pension law unconstitutional, and an attempt to get a new law passed is stalled.

Lawmakers' goal is to reduce the state's expenses for its vastly underfunded pensions.

The court says it's illegal to do it by reducing an employees' retirement benefits.

Senate President John Cullerton and Governor Bruce Rauner think they have a way around that.


Union workers from across Illinois traveled to Springfield Wednesday to march against Governor Bruce Rauner.

They were protesting what they say are his anti-labor policies.

For the second time in 20-16 ... Governor Bruce Rauner met with the General Assembly's four top leaders.

Governor Bruce Rauner Monday vetoed House Bill 580.

The measure provides the option of a neutral, independent arbitrator to help settle union contracts for state employees without a strike or government shutdown.

Bipartisan working groups are currently trying to find a way out of the budget impasse. But the crisis could have been prevented long before the battle between Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic leaders began.

Analysis — Last month, House Speaker Michael Madigan stood in his chamber and delivered a speech on his perspective of the budget impasse.

“The fact is, the current budget crisis was completely avoidable. While this crisis was avoidable, Gov. Rauner has refused to put an end to the crisis,” Madigan said.

Illinois lawmakers approved $700 million to partially finance various human service programs that haven't received funding since last summer because of the budget stalemate.

Gov. Bruce Rauner and other Republicans say bipartisan groups of Illinois lawmakers are making progress on initiatives that Rauner says are essential to a deal on a long-delayed state budget.

Governor Bruce Rauner's appearance at the University of Illinois Urbana campus Thursday was cut short by demonstrators who heckled him about the state budget impasse.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he wants a "grand compromise" on a budget for both this fiscal year and the next one.  And, he wants it by the end of next month.

Governor Bruce Rauner was elected on the promise he would "shake up" state politics.

Thursday, he admitted he's struggling to make good on that pledge.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has created a task force charged with finding fraud in taxpayer-funded health care programs.

The Republican Tuesday used his executive authority to form the group. It'll seek ways to prevent waste in state- and federally funded Medicaid , the state employee's health insurance and even costs of caring for inmates in Illinois prisons. Rauner says the cost of state-run health care programs increases when no one watches to stop abuse and fraud.

Some of the primary races in early March were the most expensive in state history, but it will remain a mystery where all of the money to fund them came from. That does not appear to concern Gov.Bruce Rauner.

By the end of next week, Illinois will have gone a full nine months without a budget. And yet, the state's top politicians still aren't talking. The governor and the four legislative leaders went all of June through November without meeting, before finally getting together a couple of times just before the end of 2015. They didn't continue into the new year.

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Governor Bruce Rauner took his call for more funding for K through 12 education to students at Murphysboro High School.

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Governor Bruce Rauner says if lawmakers would give him the authority, he could fund MAP Grants and other higher education priorities right away.