Bob Butler


For the first time in more than 50 years, voters in the City of Marion will receive a municipal election ballot next spring without the name Bob Butler on it.

Butler, who served as mayor for nearly 55 years, stepped down earlier this year for health reasons.

January 31 is Marion Mayor Bob Butler's last day in office.

The 90-year-old - who has served as the Williamson County's town mayor since 1963 - announced his decision to step down on December 1st. He is one of the longest serving mayors in U.S. history.

Marion Mayor Bob Butler will officially step down from his position at the end of January.

He is one of the longest-serving mayors in United States history, having first taken office in 1963.

WSIU's Brad Palmer talks with the candidates vying for Marion Mayor.

Jennifer Fuller

When Marion Mayor Bob Butler took office in 1963, John F. Kennedy was President, no one had yet walked on the moon, and computers took up entire rooms. Tuesday, the city honored its long-serving leader with a bronze statue on Tower Square.