Big Muddy River

IEPA To Hold Public Hearing On Pond Creek Mine Permit

Dec 18, 2019
Proposed Mine Discharge Pipeline
Prairie Rivers Network / Prairie Rivers Network

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is holding a public hearing to take comments on the Pond Creek Mine Discharge permit.

Pond Creek Mine owner Williamson Energy wants to build a 12-mile pipeline from east of Johnston City to the Big Muddy River for the discharge of millions of gallons of mine waste.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is holding a public hearing at 6:00

tonight (Wednesday) to take comments and questions concerning the Pond Creek

Coal Mine's application to  dump wastewater containing sulfates and chlorides into

the Big Muddy River.   Galen Thomas is a member of the Southern Illinois Kayak

and Canoe Club, and he says  people who use the river for recreation should

attend tonight's meeting .  According to a media release sent by Southern Illinoisans


The water keeps rising in parts of Alexander County, so for the public's safety, a curfew is now in place.

Officials say residents should not be out past 10 p.m. in both McClure and East Cape Girardeau.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Heavy rain that produced some flash flooding in parts of the region Sunday evening led to the death of one person.

The Union County Sheriff's office says floodwaters swept away the vehicle of an unidentified woman on State Forest Road.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

An Emergency Operations Center is being set up at the Community Center in East Cape Girardeau.

The contact phone number is (618)-306-1375. Any requests for assistance involving the flooding in Alexander County can be directed to the EOC. The workers there will be working to provide resources to those affected by the flood.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Residents of a mobile home park in Alexander County have been evacuated due to the high level of the Mississippi River.

An order was issued Monday night in East Cape Girardeau. Electricity was being cut off Tuesday. Members of the Illinois National Guard are building sandbag barriers in the area.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

In Alexander County, a post on Facebook indicates the Mayor of East Cape Girardeau is issuing an evacuation for the East Cape trailer park ONLY.

Power to the trailer park will be shut off Tuesday morning for safety. There is no levee breach, this is for the trailer park only and is due to seep water.

Amelia Blakely

Throughout Grand Tower the sound of pumps, birds and the river fills the town's enviroment.

With the Mississippi River rising, residents in southern Illinois river towns including Grand Tower are working to keep their homes dry from flooding and preparing to evacute if the river breaches the levee. 

According to the National Weather Service, on June 7 the river was measured to be a higher than 49 feet. In the Great Flood 93' the river crested at 52 feet. 

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The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency wants county residents to report any flood related damage to its office.

Officials are collecting damage assessments in case disaster recovery assistance would become available in the future.

Jackson County EMA

The Union County Sheriff's Office and the the county emergency management agency wants residents in the Wolf Lake and Ware areas to consider evacuating until the Mississippi River falls to a safe level.

Officials say several sand boils were identified on the levee west of Wolf Lake. Local, state and federal agencies say their non-stop work to stabilize the sand boils appears to be successful, so far.