12th Congressional Race

WSIU partnered with The Southern Illinoisan newspaper to interview candidates ahead of the March 17 primary in Illinois.

Congressional Candidate Wants Answers From Mike Bost

Sep 24, 2019
Ray Lenzi
Danny Connolly / WSIU

Illinois 12th Congressional district Democratic candidate Ray Lenzi held a press conference Monday at Carbondale City Hall confronting Congressman Mike Bost over the Ukrainian whistle blower complaint and the current administration.

Two of the three candidates vying for Illinois 12th Congressional district squared off in a debate Tuesday night, each saying they could do a better job than the person who currently holds the position.

A southern Illinois congressional candidate is welcoming a civil rights icon to the region for a rally to get out the vote.


The democratic nominee in the 12th congressional district is out with a plan he calls Saving Southern Illinois.
Brendan Kelly says it's broken down into ten areas because these are the most pressing concerns he's heard from constituents as he traveled throughout the district.

Nelson for Congress Facebook page

The man challenging incumbent 12th district congressman Mike Bost in the republican primary is working to get his message to voters.

Preston Nelson will hold a town hall meeting this weekend to discuss his campaign and answer questions.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

The Green Party will have a new candidate running for the 12th district congressional seat in 2018.

After Paula Bradshaw ran in the past three election cycles, SIU-Carbondale Philosophy and Communication Studies professor Randy Auxier announced his candidacy Wednesday.

The three candidates for Illinois’ 12th congressional district squared off in their only televised debate last Thursday night - and all agree more needs to be done to help the economy.

Belleville News-Democrat

The democratic candidate in southern Illinois' 12th congressional district says the republican incumbent is not fit for the office.

Challenger C.J. Baricevic says comments made in 2005 by GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump on his treatment of women should have signaled Congressman Mike Bost to withdraw his support of Trump.


The candidates in southern Illinois' 12th Congressional District met for the final time before Tuesday's election.

The debate took place Wednesday night at Lindenwood University in Belleville.   The candidates were asked what role the federal government should play in preventing bullying in schools. Republican Mike Bost says no one wants to see bullying occur, but he says it's a state and local issue.

Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw says she's not sure what Congress could do to stop bullying in schools.


The candidates running in southern Illinois’ 12th congressional district met for the first time in a debate Wednesday night in Marion.

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Green Party Candidate Paula Bradshaw is scheduled to announce her candidacy for US Congress.

The Carbondale resident ran unsuccessfully for the 12th District seat last year against Democrat Bill Enyart and Republican Jason Plummer.  Enyart won the seat.

Bradshaw plans to announce her candidacy on Tuesday with campaign stops in Carbondale and Belleville.  Her announcement in Carbondale is scheduled for 10:00 am at the Varsity Theater followed by a similar announcement at the St Clair County Courthouse at 2:00 pm.

State Board of Elections

The Candidates in southern Illinois' 12th US House District took part in a live debate in the television studios of WSIU Public Broadcasting on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  

Republican Jason Plummer of O'fallon, Democrat Bill Enyart of Belleville, and Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw of Carbondale took part in the forum broadcast live on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

The debate is co-sponsored by WSIU, The Southern Illinoisan, and the Belleville News Democrat.

Bradshaw for Congress

The Green Party Candidate for Congress is officially back on the ballot in the 12th District.

State Board of Elections

Southern Illinois Republican congressional candidate Jason Plummer is rebuffing his Democratic opponent's insistence that he open his tax documents to scrutiny.

The Democrat, former Illinois National Guard chief Bill Enyart, says Plummer owes it to voters to demonstrate transparency. Plummer says that demands for him to offer up his tax returns are purposeful distractions from more pressing issues, such as job creation. Plummer has filed a financial disclosure report that is required from anyone seeking federal office.