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State of Illinois

Gov. Pritzker Says Rep. Bailey's Lawsuit is a Political Stunt


A Clay County judge ruled Monday that Illinois Governor J-B Pritzker has to go to lawmakers to extend his stay at home order. 

Republican Representative Darren Bailey of southern Illinois filed the lawsuit last week challenging Pritzker’s decision to continue the “stay-at-home” order through May.
Pritzker addressed the case during Tuesday's COVID-19 Briefing.

"This was a cheap political stunt designed so the representative can see his name in headlines and unfortunately he has briefly been susccessful in that most callous of feats."

Pritzker said Rep. Bailey's 109th district has the lowest hospital bed availability and the lowest amount of ventilators in the state. Making it ill equipped to respond to a surge in cases. It is also is home to the county with the highest death rates per capita. 

Pritzker said the state is appealing the suit immediately.