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State of Illinois

More Finger Pointing During Illinois Special Session


Senate President John Cullerton says his chamber has previously accomplished everything Gov. Bruce Rauner has outlined on a special session agenda called to force a budget deal.
Cullerton told reporters Friday that special sessions are a ``political stunt'' to offer the governor political cover. He says leader meetings are more effective than special sessions. But, the Chicago democrat says he doesn't think Rauner is serious about getting things done because a leaders meeting scheduled for Friday was nixed by the governor.
"The governor has not called a leaders meeting, the five of us, since December 6. So, I thought it would be helpful if we met with the four legislative leaders. But, the governor pulled the plug on that. (He) told the republicans not to go."

With still no budget in sight...some are wondering why the four legislative leaders and the governor aren't meeting to hash out a deal. But, House Minority Leader Jim Durkin says it's up to the House now.

Not passing a budget could trigger a downgrade of Illinois' credit rating to ``junk'' status, among other things.


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