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State of Illinois

Gov. Rauner Attacks Democrats in TV Ads


As Illinois legislators prepare to return to Springfield this week, Democrats are being attacked in a new TV ad campaign from Governor Bruce Rauner.
The commercial says (quote) “Madigan’s puppets blocked the budget” (unquote). The ad does NOT mention that Rauner himself blocked Senate attempts at a bipartisan “grand bargain.”

Senate President John Cullerton points out that Democrats passed a budget anyway, without Rauner’s participation.
“So for the third year in a row, in May, instead of working on a budget, he’s doing commercials. Seriously! So he can say that we failed to pass him a budget."
Cullerton made his remarks on “The Sunday Spin,” a program on WGN radio in Chicago.

Rauner has called 10 special sessions for the end of June, and is demanding that legislators take up both his economic agenda and a budget.

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