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State of Illinois
Aggrieved at what they perceive as acquiescence to President Trump's agenda, liberal demonstrators have begun taking a page out of a doctor's playbook: They are making house calls.

SIU Preps for Potential State Cuts


At the close of 2014, SIU Trustees are looking ahead to what may be coming from the state in the New Year.

As higher education in Illinois prepares for dramatic potential cuts, SIU President Randy Dunn says he and his staff are putting together possible scenarios. He also says as the budget picture begins to clear, constituent groups will get more involved, too.
"We are going to have the opportunity to start pulling in groups from the campus locations to help us think through some of this stuff."
Board Chair Randal Thomas says there are lots of options on the table right now, but Trustees will be waiting to see what the final decisions will be.
"The Board has some ideas about where we need to be, and we gain in maturity and strength as a board. But we will really take our lead from the state, first of all, and then from the hard work that the administration will do."
Thomas and Dunn say it's still too early to know what kind of cuts might be made, and that they're working on proposals for state lawmakers and Governor-elect Bruce Rauner's staff - outlining what the reductions might mean for the SIU System.