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State of Illinois
It’s been 42 years since the first Earth Day activists got together to raise awareness about the impact of pollution on the environment and on our own health.WSIU TV and PBS are celebrating the natural world and humankindís efforts to create and preserve a healthy, sustainable environment with an exciting month-long slate of special programs. We hope youíll tune in!Learn more about Earth Day and how to get involved in environmental activities in your community.You also might want to visit the Beautify Southern Illinois websiteto find out about plans for Earth Day 2012 in our area. Download our green programming eCard.Download our green programming poster.

IL Veterans Struggle in Civilian Job Market

While Illinois veterans are faring better than most others nationwide in terms of finding work, they still face challenges.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average unemployment rate last year for Illinois veterans who served after the 2001 terror attacks was 9.5 percent.  The unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans nationwide was 12.1 percent.

Veterans say they're struggling to translate their experience into a civilian workplace and to keep military jargon off their resumes.  They find themselves having to rely on informal networks for job tips.   Illinois says it has made vets a priority, creating programs aimed at linking younger veterans with employers, and it offers a veterans grant that guarantees free tuition at public universities.