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Development to Start Soon on Carbondale Dog Park


The Carbondale Park District has approved a plot of land for the city's first dog park.

The site will be at the southwest corner of Parrish Fields.
Park district executive director Kathy Renfro says the board picked this location because it has ample parking, it's close to existing utilities such as water and electricity and there is a large buffer zone between the park and nearby homes. She says it's also a good spot to help bring other parts of the community together.
"Green Earth is building a trail, getting ready to put in a new walking trail from Chautauqua all the way up to Parrish Park on Sunset. So, we think that's another opportunity to gather and plenty of room. They're right by the Life Community Center."

Renfro says some of the practice soccer field area will be repurposed since organized soccer games now take place at the Super Block.
"There's some nice, big trees. It's really close to a little creek that runs through town. We think it's just going to be a really great opportunity to bring an additional facility onto Parrish Park...a new amenity if you will."

Renfro says the group Friends of Carbondale Dog Parks will work with the park district on a development plan. She expects the process to move quickly.