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Mark the Eclipse With A Commemorative Stamp

U.S. Postal Service

There are many different keepsakes available to commemorate the total solar eclipse throughout the southern Illinois region and the nation as a whole. 
Mark Saunders with the U.S. Postal Service says they have special stamps and post marks for the eclipse.
"These are first of a kind stamps for the U.S. Postal Service. And, they are heat sensitive and essentially the heat from your finger when you touch the stamp image will change from an image the eclipse into an image of the moon. And then when you take your finger off and it cools, it reverts back to the eclipse image."
Saunders says the stamps are sold on a sheet of 16 stamps with a map of the path of the eclipse from Oregon to South Carolina printed on the back.
"They're in extremely high demand. Most post offices have them, but if they're temporarily out of stock, the easiest way to get them, and the way I would recommend is to go online to usps.com/shop, s-h-o-p."
Saunders says many communities throughout the U.S. will have their own postmark for mail they receive on the 21st.

The Carbondale post office confirmed it has its own design.