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September is Campus Fire Safety Month

Fire safety plan
Benjy Jeffords
The state fire marshal, the Carbondale Fire Department and SIU urge all students and everyone else to create and practice a fire safety plan

The National Fire Protection Association says September and October are the peak months for fires in dormitory housing and urge students to create and practice a fire escape plan.

Governor JB Pritzker has declared September Campus Fire Safety Month.

Since January 2000 94 fatal fires have claimed the lives of 134 victims within a 3 mile radius of a college campus, 7 of those being students.

Acting State Fire Marshall Dale Simpson says there’s some things to consider when making a fire escape plan.

“Understand the room and the building that you're in. Understand two ways out of every room. Have a fire escape plan. Once you get out of the room, how do you get to the exits? And in the meeting place outside to get away from the building, allow fire service to come in, but also give the college representatives a chance to make sure that they've got a good headcount.”

Simpson says cooking is one of the most common ways a fire starts in student housing.