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SIU prepares for homecoming 2021

SIU homecoming pep rally
Benjy Jeffords
SIU homecoming pep rally inside the student center

SIU kicked off the start of homecoming week with a pep rally Monday.

SIU’s homecoming theme this year -- “SIU Is All That: A flashback to the 90’s”-- is a play on the TV show from nickelodeon.

Students and the community can participate in different events leading up to the parade and football game against North Dakota on Saturday.

Assistant Director of Student Center Programs Carly Holtkamp says students and the community can get in the SIU spirit all week.

“We try to just really fill the week a lot of them are students centered, which it is homecoming is for alumni and students, but there is just a lot happening today, even as an open house for our incoming student recruits, so we try to fill the week with a ton of fun activities.”

Other events open to the community include a Thursday block party and the alumni plaza ribbon cutting and concert on Friday.

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