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180 Students Attend Tree Walk and Forestry Club Demonstration At SIU


The SIU Forestry Club held its 3rd annual tree walk and demonstration in October.

Over 180 fourth graders from Carruthers Elementary School in Murphysboro had a special “Tree Walk” tour of campus.


The SIU Forestry Club host a local fourth grade class every year as part of it Tree Campus USA designation.

“Each year as part of that designation we do two outreach events.”

The fourth graders had the opportunity to see an arborist climb a tree using the double rope technique, club members demonstrated lumber jack competition events, and they learned about the trees on campus.

SIU student and Tree Campus USA committee member Katie McGrath loves introducing kids to new outdoor experiences.

“I really like that we get a chance to show kids that there are like real grown up careers that they can have outside dealing with trees and helping the environment.”

Which is something superintendent of grounds David Tippy says could help SIU in the future.

“The hope is of coarse that some of these kids get excited about SIU and think about it as a college choice in the future.”

The Physical Plant has over 6000 trees documented on campus.

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