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Aggrieved at what they perceive as acquiescence to President Trump's agenda, liberal demonstrators have begun taking a page out of a doctor's playbook: They are making house calls.

SIU President "Holding Judgment" on SIUC Reorganization Plan


SIU's President says he's watching the progress of a campus reorganization plan for the Carbondale campus, but not taking sides on it.

Randy Dunn has in the past suggested ways the campus could be restructured. He says this plan is drawing out opinions that could lead to revitalization.
"It's good that there's opportunity for continued back and forth, review and comment, because this is not something where you can shove a square peg into a round hole. Those types of things don't work. So I think it's good for the ongoing discussion that's taking place, for the various forums that exist for the sharing of ideas, and we'll see where we go."
Some faculty and students have expressed concern about where programs will land in Chancellor Carlo Montemagno's proposal - which calls for the elimination of departments and a reduction in colleges.

Dunn says once the proposal is final, it'll have to go through approvals and oversight from the SIU Board of Trustees as well as the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

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