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New technology helps rural areas access high speed internet


Part of the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes bringing high speed internet to every American, especially rural areas.

Illinois will receive $17 billion dollars from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act with a minimum of $100 million going to providing broadband across the state.

Wisper Internet has been around since 2003 and provides wireless line of sight internet.

The company can reach rural areas by constructing towers using new technology that provides internet over radio waves in the unlicensed spectrum instead of burying fiber optic cable.

Wisper Internet Public Relations and Advocacy Specialist Monte Miller says it typically costs $100,000 for every mile of buried cable, but they can build a tower for around $125,000.

“We are the first company in North America to use this equipment that gives a stronger penetration. It'll kind of go through trees a little bit better, but with that, each one of our towers has about a six to eight mile radius.”

The company recently brought three towers in Jackson County and two in Williamson County online.