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The Public Must Prepare for the Eclipse


Locals know the total solar eclipse is later this month on the 21st.

Businesses and first responders have been preparing for months. But Rick Linton, Executive Director of Rend Lake Area Tourism says the people in the area need to prepare too.
"This is kind of like a prediction of 2-3 feet of snow or even an earthquake. You know, it may or may not happen exactly as we think but people really need to be prepared."
It's clear when the total solar eclipse will occur, but Linton says it's unclear how many people will actually be in the region and what that means for locals.
"One of the first things we're thinking about was filling up your vehicles, with fuel so that you'd have plenty of fuel and you wouldn't be stuck in lines or you wouldn't run into fuel shortage problems. Also, the internet may be effected by all the additional traffic on our systems down here and we actually may not be able to use our cell phones efficiently."
Linton also says to have extra water in your car and to develop a communication plan with your family in the event phones and internet are down.