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Morning Conversation
WSIU Radio's Morning Conversation is a public affairs program that focuses on news, science, arts, and community events taking place in the region.
WSIU News Updates
WSIU News Staff provide a daily update of local, regional, and state news and weather for the region.
Reading Baseball
Reading Baseball is a regular series of essays and commentaries by Richard "Pete" Peterson, editor of the St. Louis Baseball Reader and the author of Growing Up With Clemente
Southern Illinois Wonders
Southern Illinois Wonders is produced in collaboration with the Illinois Humanities Council. It features humanities-themed programs focusing on the history, art, culture, and other wonders of the region known as "Little Egypt"
SIU Reviews
SIU Reviews is a regular series of movie reviews and critiques by Walter Metz and Liz Faber of the Department of Cinema & Photography at Southern Illinois University Carbondale
In the Author's Voice
In the Author's Voice is a regular WSIU web series of original interviews with local and national authors talking about their work.
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WSIU Almanac
WSIU Almanac is a regular weekday feature that provides an overview of events, happenings, and history of the world around us.
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