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Public Safety

SIUC Student's Death Reignites Calls to End Gun Violence

Jennifer Fuller
Family, friends, and community members gathered to remember SIUC Student Keeshanna Jackson Tuesday at a rally to end gun violence

Leaders of the Southern Illinois Unity Coalition say it's past time to end gun violence - and they point to Sunday's deadly shooting in Carbondale as another tragic example.

A rally on Tuesday allowed community members, family, and friends to speak about Keeshanna Jackson, who was killed at a house party early Sunday morning, as well as demand change. Brandon Morgan says the message is simple:

"Put the guns down. Stop the gun violence. No one should have to go out like that - she was an 18-year old girl. She wasn't even out here for two weeks."

The Coalition's Nancy Maxwell went a step further - urging people to share any information that would help solve the case. She says people must find other ways to solve their differences.

"We need to put the guns down. I really want to ask the people that's out here shooting, why is it so important that they take a life? You can't get that back!"

Police are asking for help with the investigation. In addition to Jackson, three other people were shot at the party, and detectives say there were multiple active shooters.

SIU has scheduled a memorial for Jackson - scheduled for this evening in the Student Center Ballrooms.

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