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Public Safety

Jackson County Health Department Readies For August 21st, 2017


In less than four weeks thousands, maybe tens of thousands of visitors from all over the earth will be in southern Illinois for the eclipse.  The exact number of visitors is almost impossible to come up with, and many officials say that is challenging when it comes to planning. Bart Hagston, Director of Environmental Health for the Jackson County Health Department says this type of event is a first for his department.  But, he, and other county officials have been working for over a year planning for all possibilities.  Hagstrom adds that if you live in Jackson County and plan to rent out some of your land for eclipse viewers there is a small fee and registration form involved.  Hagstrom says this is to keep pollution, such as raw untreated waste from getting into neighboring water supplies.  For more information, visit:  http://www.jchdonline.org/