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Join Maestro Edward Benyas as he previews the 2018-2019 Southern Illinois Symphony season.

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Jerri Locke is an author, and has written a play about single parenthood, which will be presented on August 1st at Carbondale's Varisty Center for The Arts.  In this interview, Jerri describes the inspiration for her work.

Katie Bryant/Southern Illinois Birding Group

The Link Between Local Food and the Local Economy

Jun 10, 2015

Kevin Boucher

Japanese Woodblock Art on display at Morris Library

May 23, 2015
Gordon Pruett

May Astronomy Highlights

May 14, 2015
Univ of Illinois Extension

Kevin Boucher

WSIU Radio

Spring Wildflowers With Botanist Chris Evans

Apr 17, 2015
Photo by Chris Evans

Emily Rose Cole

April Astronomy

Apr 1, 2015

Radio waves are very common in space.  All across the Earth, huge specially-designed radio-telescopes allow us to listen in on these cosmic travelers.  When you look up in the night sky if often seems calm and quiet.  However that is only part of a bigger picture. 

WSIU Radio's Kevin Boucher talks with Bob Baer, a Computer and Electronics Specialist in the Physics Department at SIU-Carbondale.

Winter is when many gardeners start thinking of what they will be planting.  Potatoes and Blueberries are two crops that can be grown here in southern Illinois.  WSIU Radio's Kevin Boucher talks with Nathan Johanning of the University Of Illinois Extension Service branch in Murphysboro about how to grow these tasty, nutritious foods.

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WSIU Radio

Nathan Johanning is an Extension Educator with the U of I Extension Service.   WSIU's Kevin Boucher talks with Johanning about a series of upcoming gardening webinars.

Nathan Johanning, Extension Educator, Local Food Systems and Small Farms in the greenhouse surrounded by Fennel, Chard and Spinach, all growing in mid December. Photo by Kevin Boucher. Edit | Remove

SIU Department of Physics

Photo courtesy of the Physics Department at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Edit | Remove

View of the Mississippi River and Big Muddy River valley from the overlook at Little Grand Canyon. Photo by Kevin Boucher Edit | Remove

Winter Gardening

Dec 18, 2014

With winter here there are a number of gardening chores that can be done to prepare your gardens for a long winter's nap...    Kevin Boucher has more in this special edition of Radio Voices.

The Gemenids meteor shower starts this weekend, and the SIU Physics Department is hosting a public viewing.  WSIU's Kevin Boucher has a preview:

November Astronomy Highlights: The Great Square of Pegasus,the Pleiades Star Clusters  hot young stars, only 100 million years old and Mars is  still visible very low in the southwest.For more information, visit  the Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois Website at:

Southern Illinois will have a front row seat for today’s partial solar eclipse.

This month marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The Autumnal Equinox also ushers in a change in the night sky. Cheryl Ernst with the Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois gives us a preview of autumn in this edition of  Radio Voices.