Keep The Beat: WSIU Heart Month Special Series

Morning Edition, All Things Considered

February is Heart Month. WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller takes a closer look at the issue in her special health series Keep The Beat.

Most everyone is familiar with hypothermia. It’s when the body’s core temperature drops so low, organ systems begin shutting down in the body’s attempt to preserve brain and heart function. And while the concept is the same, hypothermic therapy uses much less extreme conditions.

WSIU Radio continues its "Keep the Beat" series this week, focusing on heart issues affecting southern Illinois.

Imagine a heart pump that can fit in the palm of your hand.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller continues her special Heart Month series Keep the Beat with some tips for healthy eating that mean good things for your heart.

February is Heart Month. As Americans continue to learn more about how to prevent heart attacks and stroke, doctors are focusing not just on prevention, but also after care for those who've suffered a cardiac event.  WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller reports on one local cardiac rehab program.