In The Author's Voice

In the Author's Voice is a regular web feature of WSIU Public Radio.  WSIU hosts talk with local and national Author's about their works.

With a background as and Air Force cryptographer, author David Hagberg spins tales that blur the lines between fact and fiction.

In "Castro's Daughter," Hagberg's latest novel featuring hero Kirk McGarvey, the story continues along a "what if" path involving the legendary Cuban dictator, a fabled city of gold and much more.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talked with David Hagberg for this edition of "In the Author's Voice."

The Night Circus

Jul 24, 2012

Erin Morgenstern may have been an unknown author just a few years ago, but she's burst onto the literary scene with her first novel, "The Night Circus."

Morgenstern's background in arts and performance gives her a unique perspective in bringing her characters to life. The Night Circus, as she would tell you, is not a traditional "big top" event by any means.

The story has attracted the attention of readers of all ages, and could be on the big screen sooner rather than later.

Southern Illinois native John Clore wants people to know that a little kindness goes a long way. In his book, "The Music Industry Doesn't Have To Kill You," Clore talks with legends in the music industry about how they got to the top.

In this Author's Voice segment, WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with John Clore about his experiences, and his tips and recommendations for making your way through what can be a very difficult industry.

Harper Collins

In this edition of In the Author's Voice, WSIU Radio's Jeff Williams talks with novelist Tilly Bagshawe about her latest book Angel of the Dark.   It's a Sidney Sheldon legacy novel.  Bagshawe talks about the book as well as the honor of being asked to carry on the Sheldon tradition.

A metal chicken named Beyonce, a stuffed monkey named Copernicus. These creations are just part of the world of Jenny Lawson. Lawson, who is perhaps better known as "The Bloggess," has written a new book and wants to share her story with both the people who know and love her as well as those who don't yet know her.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talked with Lawson about "Let's Pretend This Never Happened," and about her blog and following.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with Author Adam Stone about his new spoken word ballet, "A Life Unhappening." Also joining in the conversation is Stone's daughter and choreographer, Chelsea.


Now out in paperback is the remarkable story of Kamila Sidiqi, a young Afghan woman who found herself responsible for providing for her family after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in 1996.  The Dressmaker of Khair Khana chronicles the story of Sidiqi and her family and friends.  WSIU Radio's Jeff Williams talked with the book's author former ABC News reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon for this edition of In the Author's Voice.

WSIU Radio's Jeff Williams talks with authors Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed about their new novel The Guardian for this edition of In the Author's Voice.

DJ MacHale

Author DJ MacHale talks about his new novel The Black with WSIU Radio's Jeff Williams in this edition of In the Author's Voice.