Acoustic Nature Hour


Kevin Boucher, Traffic Manager for WSIU Television and a two-degree graduate of the SIU College of Mass Communication & Media Arts, invites you to unplug and unwind in this soothing new local series. The one-hour program combines acoustic guitar music with the sounds of nature and stories of nature experiences as told by hikers, campers, and others who love spending time in the beautiful natural areas of southern Illinois.

“My hope is that this program will provide listeners with the same excitement and peace I find when I spend time outdoors,” says Boucher. “Using the magical ‘theater of the mind’, one-on-one quality that is the strength of radio, I hope to create awareness of the beautiful natural areas right here in southern Illinois. In our hectic, cubicle-controlled, increasingly online lives, I feel there is a tremendous need for all of us to reconnect with our planet.”


Please send your comments, questions, and nature stories to host Kevin Boucher at or send a note to:
WSIU Public Radio
c/o Kevin Boucher
Communications Building 1003 - Mail Code 6602
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
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Carbondale, IL 62901

About the Host

Born in Newport, Rhode Island to a military family, Kevin Boucher traveled the country and the world at a young age before his family settled in Murphysboro, Illinois in 1976. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Radio-Television at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Carbondale and worked in commercial radio before becoming the Traffic Manager at WSIU Public Television. Boucher has since earned a Master's degree in Professional Media & Media Management Studies from SIU's College of Mass Communication & Media Arts. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys gardening and exploring the flora and fauna of the Shawnee National Forest and other beautiful natural areas across southern Illinois.

Ways to Connect

A reminder that WSIU's annual "Acoustic Nature Hour Christmas Special" will air tonight  -  Thursday December 7th  - at 8:00PM.  Here is a sample from tonight's program.

Acoustic Nature Hour Earth Day Special.

Apr 22, 2017
WSIU/Kevin Boucher

The Acoustic Nature Hour Earth Day Special is supported locally by First Southern Bank.

Mild February Resulting in Early Flowers

Feb 17, 2017
Chris Benda/Botanist/Illinois Native Plant Society President.

Unusually mild temperatures are causing some early spring wildflowers to come to life.  Jennifer Randolph, Natural Resources Coordinator at Giant City State Park says she has already seen Harbinger of Spring in bloom at the park.  "It's a very very tiny little white flower and it's kind of got a little pinkish tint on the inside but they are very small a lot of times you'll have to look under the leaf litter," Randolph adds.

Acoustic Nature Hour Earth Day Special 2016.

Apr 23, 2016
Sarah Stoneski/USFW

Celebrate Earth Day 2016 with an Acoustic Nature Hour Earth Day Special.  Many, many thanks to the experts who appeared in this year's program.  Names below are listed in order of appearance.

Dr. Justin Filiberto, Assistant Professor in the SIU Department of Geology

Bob Baer, Computer and Electronics Specialist in the SIU Physics Department

Elizabeth Jones, Assistant Refuge Manager at Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Karen Mangan, Wildlife Biologist at Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge