What You Can and Can't Do with Your Phone in the Car

Jul 26, 2019

With tougher texting and driving laws in place in Illinois, it's a good idea to know what you can and can't do with your phone in the car.

Illinois State Police Sergeant Joey Watson says you need to be connected via Bluetooth when talking on the phone.

"You're seeing people that are still using the phones in their hands, even though they're on speaker phone, that's still a no no. You need to be completely hands free."

What about using your phone for directions?

"Even though the law allows you to use the cellphone in a GPS capacity, you still need to program it prior to getting on the roadway. So, before getting on the roadway, in the parking lot, you would make the corrections and updates, whatever it is you need to enter for the address and sit it in the hands-free cradle so that you're not holding the phone."

Stuck in traffic and pull out your cell phone to pass the time? That's a ticket. Have a long drive and decide to watch Netflix or YouTube along the way...Watson says that's a definite no. And texting at a stoplight...also a no.