Walker's Bluff Needs Lawmakers to Act Soon for Resort Expansion

Apr 5, 2018

An important deadline is coming up next week for Walker's Bluff.

The facility is seeking a gaming license from the state for an on-site casino as part of its proposed resort-expansion, but the $175 million privately-funded project will not proceed without the license -which can't be granted until the required legislation is passed.

Walker's Bluff founder Cynde Bunch says the most recent bill has until April 13th to pass the House Executive Committee or it will not be heard this session.
"What we're concerned about is that if it doesn't move forward, then it just lays there and nothing happens again. So, we're pushing and prodding with all of our local representatives to get the measure moved forward."

Bunch says she remains hopeful, but if the measure doesn't beat the deadline, she will not give up.
"Southern Illinois has invested too much to let this thing just go away. Everything we've built out there and the tourism that it will bring to southern Illinois is just too great. I mean we can't stop."

Bunch says construction of the resort would require 12-hundred-50 workers with a thousand permanent positions at the resort itself.

Bunch urges residents to call their local lawmakers.

The push for The Resort at Walker's Bluff started in 2015.

The Resort at Walker's Bluff would include two hotels, a full-scale concert/convention center, an indoor waterpark, restaurants and a casino.