Voter Turnout Expected to be Up for Mid-Terms in Illinois and Missouri

Voting by mail is proving to be a popular option this year in Illinois.

Early voting is robust for the November 6th election...and already ahead of 2016 totals.

State Board of Elections spokesperson Matt Dietrich says that includes mail-in ballots. He says Illinois is set to surpass 400 thousand mail-in votes.

Dietrich says more than eight million people are registered to vote in Illinois.

Missouri election officials are expecting voter turnout in next Tuesday's midterm election to be the highest in more than two decades.

Estimates submitted to the state by local election officials project that nearly 2.3 million people will cast ballots. That's nearly 55 percent of registered voters.

The last presidential midterm election to top that mark was in 1994, when 59 percent of registered voters cast ballots.