Vienna IGA Closes, Leaving Town Without a Grocery Store

Jun 14, 2018

The City of Vienna suddenly finds itself without a grocery store.

Mayor Jon Simmons says Sam's IGA closed a few days ago without notice.

He says storeowner Sam Eaves is trying to sell the building, so right now city officials are trying to find a buyer.
"If we have to wait to build one, or wait for somebody, you're talking about without a grocery store in Vienna for over a year. We've got to have this store open. We've go to."

Simmons says this is especially hard on those without transportation. So, he says Shawnee Mass Transit District is working with the City to offer affordable rides to other nearby towns where residents can buy groceries.
"We're trying to run buses for as small amount as we can to Goreville, to Marion, to the Anna Wal-Mart. We're doing the best we can."

Mayor Simmons says IGA has been the only grocery store in Vienna for a few years now. He says the town has a Dollar Store for some food items.