U.S. Rep. Bost Mentions Metro East Family in Opioid Crisis Comments

Jun 14, 2018

Congressman Mike Bost voted this week for a series of House bills intended to help stem the tide of the opioid crisis.

In rallying bipartisan support for the legislation on the House floor, the Murphysboro republican shared the story of "Chaz" Karidis, a 23-year old Madison County resident who lost his battle with a heroin addiction in 2013.

Bost says his mother, Kari, established a mission to help families and friends of people suffering from addiction.
"Sadly, organizations like Kari's are needed now more than ever. In 2016, there were almost 2,000 opioid overdose fatalities in Illinois alone. That's nearly twice the number of fatalities that occur in motor vehicle accidents."
The legislative measures passed in the House include one to provide the FDA with stronger authority to disrupt the entry of counterfeit and illicit drugs through International Mail Facilities and one that helps pharmacists detect fraudulent prescriptions.