Unity Point School to Delay Start of School Year

Jul 29, 2019

The start of school will be delayed at Unity Point School in Carbondale.

School Board President D.W. Presley says the first full day of attendance for students will be pushed back two weeks to August 28th.

He says it's due to mold issues that appeared while staff was away over the July 4th holiday weekend.
"We had some sort of power failure, which sent two of our HVAC units into a mode, which unfortunately continued to bring in warm, well actually, hot and very moist outside air, uncontrolled without the compressors running."

Presley says professionals from two different companies are handling the situation.
"The air quality company comes in, they determine if rooms are or not affected. They send that information onto the remediation company. The remediation company does a very extensive process in order to clean the affected areas, then that other; first sampling company comes back and does air quality samples, which are sent off, of course, to certified labs."

Presley says the safety of the school's students and staff are the top priority and the professionals have assured them the air quality will be restored to safe levels.

He says the school calendar committee has decided to tack on the extra ten days at the end of the academic year, which will now be June 12th, 2020.