Trustees: Documents Support Calls to Suspend Dunn

Jun 29, 2018

An SIU Trustee is calling for President Randy Dunn to resign, in light of documents made public this week.

Trustee Marsha Ryan the documents show Dunn worked to divide the SIU system - both at the local and state level.
"It seems to me the documents to which we have become privy suggested that there were both internal and external, imminent dangers to the system, which is the system we were appointed to uphold, defend, foster, support."
Trustee Phil Gilbert serves as the Board's Vice-Chair. He says he stands by his call to suspend Randy Dunn. The Board deadlocked on the issue last week, meaning Dunn stays in his job.
"In any organization, you want a leader who is honest, trustworthy, truthful, and loyal to that organization. And so what do you do with someone who isn't loyal to the SIU System?"

Trustee Joel Sambursky echoes Ryan's comments. He says his call to suspend Dunn at last week's special board meeting is bolstered by emails and other documents between Dunn and leaders at SIU Edwardsville.
"I felt then, as I do today, that the system's under attack and the leadership of that system needs to address that."
The documents show Dunn helped SIU Edwardsville Chancellor Randy Pembrook craft messages and strategies for a controversial funding reallocation plan. Sambursky and Ryan say they were unaware of the conversations.

Dunn declined to comment on the documents or their release. Trustee Chair Amy Sholar didn't respond to a request for comment.