Travel By Locals Further Limited in McClure and E. Cape

Jul 2, 2019

Officials in Alexander County say water is rising about an inch per day near McClure and East Cape Girardeau.

Dale Schultz is with the Alexander County Emergency Management board of directors. He says as the water rises, even locals are not able to travel.

"We have Route 3 here, south of McClure that is completely shut down. (Route) 146 from the Route 146 and (Route) 3 junction all the way over to East Cape is completely shut down. Nobody but National Guard and IDOT is allowed to go through there."
Schultz says over 90-percent of McClure residents are staying in their homes even though they could soon be totally isolated if Route 3 north closes.

"It is being monitored on a daily basis. Right now, there's maybe an inch or two of water over Route 3 north of McClure. So far, if you drive slow, just drive safe, use your head, you'll get through that just fine."