Suspects in Interstate Crime Spree Charged in Effingham

Apr 27, 2017

Two Nebraska men are in custody, after being connected to an interstate crime spree, which includes a recent shooting incident outside of a store in Effingham.

State's Attorney Bryan Kibler says 19-year old Allen McCray and 23-year old Victor Linton, both of Omaha, are being held in custody in western Missouri -- following a separate incident there last Friday.

Kibler says law enforcement investigators connected the dots; and he charged the Omaha men Thursday morning with multiple felony counts in Effingham.

"They were each charged with a count of Armed Violence, which is a Class X Felony. Also, they were both charged with Armed Robbery. That's punishable by up to 50 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. That was because of the fact that the gun was personally discharged during the commission of the offense."

Kibler says Effingham city police authorities were relentless in combing through crime reports from multiple states.

"Both individuals are currently in the Lafayette County, Missouri jail for different offenses committed in the state of Missouri. It is believed these two individuals have committed numerous felony offenses in Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. That's what we know today."

No one was injured in the April 19th incident at the Prime Sole athletic shoe & clothing store in Effingham.