Stress Increases for Flood Victims in Alexander Co.

Jul 9, 2019

Unprecedented flooding continues in the northern part of Alexander County.

Lesley Stoffel grew up in McClure and is volunteering to help residents there and in East Cape Girardeau battle the high water. She says flood victims and others are stressed after weeks of lifting 40 to 60 pound sandbags to protect their homes and businesses from disaster.

"They have to have volunteers to take them off the ground to put them on the flatbed truck and then that flatbed truck takes them to where they go and then you have to take them off the truck and in the boat and then out of the boat and then on the wall. There's just such a process for it. So, those people are exhausted at this point."

Stoffel says local residents are in survival mode so volunteers have to make local residents take a break in the heat to prevent injury or illness.

She says even though the flooding is receding slowly, there is still a long way to go for those directly impacted.
"Trying to clean these houses out and replacing floors and replacing walls. People are still going to need water and Gatorade and food to keep going during this process. It's not done when the water's down."
Stoffel is collecting donations of food, water, Gatorade and personal care items at her business, Southern Roots Hair Company in Anna. Donations can also be dropped off at The Spark Ministries location in McClure.

Because the high water in this area is caused by rain and seep water, there is no estimate when the water will go down.