Street Food Pantry Pops Up in Anna

Apr 7, 2020

The front yard of a house in Union County has become a street food pantry.

Deidra Coleson has placed an old cabinet on the property and is filling it with non-perishable food that's free for the taking.

She encourages others to start something similar.

"It doesn't even have to be a cabinet. If you have a Rubbermaid storage tote, to keep the rain off of it, or whatever. You can put a sign in your yard. Even if you can only contribute $10 worth of grocery items or maybe thay have to come out of your own pantry if you have enough."

Coleson says she actually started the food pantry days before people really started to pay attention to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, she says the crisis makes it even more important for those in need.

Coleson is spending $50-60 a week to help fill the pantry and now others are starting to bring food donations to help replenish the supplies.

The street food pantry is located at 208 West Lewis Street in Anna.