State Retirees Will Get Healthcare Premiums Back

Nov 24, 2014

State employees scored a double victory Friday, as judges ruled Illinois' pension law unconstitutional and ruled state retirees will receive a healthcare refund.

A Springfield judge ruled the entire pension overhaul law unconstitutional, as it would cut state retirees' pension payments, prohibited under the state constitution.

On top of that ruling, another judge directed the state to refund $60 million to the 75,000 state retirees who have been paying a portion of their health insurance for the last year and a half.

Linda Brookhart, executive director of the State Universities Annuitants Association, says it's a happy day for state workers.
"We've had two victories here, you might say, it's to the public employees and retirees benefit, and hopefully that many things will continue to be settled and people will not have to continue to worry about where their benefits are going."
But state workers will have to hold their breath once more, as the case will be appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court.