Southern Seven Health Department Reminding Residents to Compelete 2020 Census

Mar 25, 2020

Officials across the state are reminding residents to complete the 2020 Census. 

A nationwide roll out off the census began a few weeks ago to remind every household to complete the census.

Shawnna Rhine with the Southern Seven Health Department says if you don't fill it out, our area will be missing out on funding for reliable resources including schools, hospitals, clinics and public housing structures. 

"By not doing the census, that is preventing us from having resources in place going forward because this is not for what's going on now, this is for what goes on in the next 10 years"

Rhine says the Southern Seven counties missed out on over 12 million dollars in money which could be used right now to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic and flooding. 

"If people do not send in their census, the government looks at that and says, Well, maybe there's just not people there or maybe the you know the Don't need the resources for whatever reason. And as we all know, those of us who live in the southern part of Illinois, that money is needed"

Rhine says the census takes about 10 minutes to complete and if you don't do complete it. 

"You're hurting yourself, your friends and your family going forward. So make sure you get it done."

For more information about the 2020 Census head to