Southern 7 to Host Colon Cancer Screenings

Nov 14, 2019

The seven southernmost counties in Illinois are considered a hot spot for Colon Cancer.

The Southern Seven Health Department serves that area and is holding screenings in all seven counties over the next three weeks for anyone over 50 who hasn't had a colonoscopy in the past ten years.

Community Outreach Coordinator Shawnna Rhine says a hot spot is where a majority of colon cancer-related incidents or deaths occur in a particular region.

"We're seeing those numbers continue to increase for various reasons. Either, people are not getting screened at the proper time, which means they're not getting the treatment. Or, they're also going up because of other factors, maybe they're just not aware of it for whatever reason."

Rhine says they will offer those who attend the clinics a take-home screening procedure called Fecal Immuno-chemical Tests -- or FIT. She says FIT is non-invasive, but does not replace a colonoscopy.

"The test is not necessarily saying the patient has colon cancer, but it does detect blood in the stool, which is a possible indication."

FIT Clinics will be held on a walk-in basis from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at these locations:

Nov. 14 - Massac County Health Department in Metropolis
          18 - Alexander County Health Department in Cairo
          19 - Pulaski County Health Department in Ullin

Dec. 2   - Union County Health Department in Anna
         3   - Johnson County Health Department in Vienna
         4  - Hardin County Health Department in Elizabetown
         4  - Pope County Health Department in Golconda