So. Illinois Political Candidate Sues Illinois Over Medical Marijuana Law

Nov 24, 2015

A southern Illinois man is one of two Libertarian political candidates suing the state of Illinois.

The state's medical marijuana law prohibits campaign donations from companies that grow or dispense cannabis.

Scott Schluter of Marion, who says he's running for State Representative, and Claire Ball of Addison, who says she's running for State Comptroller - favor legalization of drugs ... and should be able to seek support from like-minded businesses. Benjamin Barr is a lawyer with the Pillar of Law Institute in Washington, D-C. He filed the lawsuit.
"They're third parties. They have new ideas. They're disrupting the status quo. And what's most important to them right now? To be able to associate and to be able to get funding, so that they're able to speak to people in Illinois, and they're able to share their message."
Barr says it's "bizarre" Illinois excluded just one industry from political participation ... especially when drug makers and tobacco companies are free to give.

The sponsor of the medical marijuana law was Democratic Representative Lou Lang of Skokie. He says he only included the ban to win support from reluctant colleagues ... and would rather it was not a part of the law.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office says it's reviewing the case.