SIUC Faculty Senate Calls for New SIU System Leadership

Jul 10, 2018

The SIU-Carbondale Faculty Senate says the system needs new leadership.

The group Tuesday issued a no-confidence vote in SIU President Randy Dunn.

Faculty Senate President Jonathan Bean says the organization wanted to make a strong statement to the community and the Board of Trustees.

"Part of the resolution states, 'We urge the Board of Trustees to meet as soon as possible to remove Randy Dunn.' Which is the second resolution statement. So, we realize the Board of Trustees is divided, nevertheless the faculty at SIU-Carbondale felt that now is the time to make their concerns felt."

Bean says faculty members want people to know Dunn has lost their trust.
"The Senate had not wanted to interject itself in the on-going controversies. But, it had reached a point by the end of June that the faculty wanted the Senate to address this issue. We discussed, debated it and we agreed on a resolution of no confidence."

Recently released documents show Dunn knew about a funding reallocation plan months before university trustees, and that he worked to help SIU Edwardsville campus administrators boost the proposal.

Last week, Dunn released a statement saying he stands by his decisions when it comes to the funding reallocation issue.

The Board of Trustees were split 4-4 on a call to suspend Dunn when they met last month. Their next regularly scheduled meeting is in September.